What I’m…

Reading: The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty - really enjoying it!

Eating: Vegetarian burrito from Chilango on Fleet Street (hint: when I’ve gone in super smiley and complimentary and tell them how much I *love* the guacamole they normally give me a bit more ;-) )

Loving: My new enormous sofa! We finally had it delivered after seven weeks of sitting on bean bags.

Looking forward to: our Texas trip in May!

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It’s the freakin’ weekend…

Baby I’m about to have me some DIY/homespun fun!

Friday night: I’m making Courgette Gnocchi to fuel my man 

Saturday morning: Watching Paul compete in Trailman (off road duathlon, 6k run, 20k bike, 6k run)

Saturday evening: Building these bookshelves for our lounge

Sunday: Sofa delivery!

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What I’ve been…

Eating/Drinking: EAT flat whites, testing out London’s burrito scene (last night was Tortilla - 4/5 stars), cider! my current favourite is Aspall’s on draught

Doing: saw Angel Haze perform at Heaven, furnishing our new flat, watching derby footage, training with the LRR All Stars

Planning: LRR’s intraleague tournament at the end of March, Texas trip in May

Reading:  The Fault in our Stars by John Green

Loving: warmer weather, early evenings at home with Paul

Excited for: watching Paul compete in an off-road duathlon on Saturday

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Love. (via jennyblake)


Love. (via jennyblake)

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For all the people who follow me who have goals—-whatever they may be. This video is amazing. Ben, you deserve all your happiness :-)


There are a couple messages from some new followers that don’t know my whole story. So today I made a video. I’ll admit I used a couple cheesy subtitles in an effort to score some extra views on Youtube (Youtubers love cheesy inspirational stuff.) And I basically cheated by using the best song ever in the background. But here is the basic story condensed into 4 minutes and 56 seconds.

For those of you that don’t like clicking videos in Tumblr (I don’t either. Not sure why…) The story basically goes like this:

Depression leads to a tough breakup.
Eat kind of healthy.
Lose weight.

Enjoy the video if you watch. It took me like three hours.

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in limbo

Trying to find a job in London.

Trying to find a flat in London.

Currently, these are the two sole occupiers of my energy.

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Drinks with my good friend Robin. Doin’ the sweet Sunday night thing.

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I love this show.


Someone made a montage of all the classy ways people make the move on Mad Men. It makes me very happy.

Aaron Staton wins with, “Ken. Cosgrove. Accounts.” My goodness.

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I’m home

In Texas. I’m happy here.

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Yes, this happened tonight. Yes, I took more than half my fajita meat home for a lunch leftover tomorrow. Mexican food is a weekness, and when jess (pictured purring while doing a cougar-esque claw) and I get together this sort of stuff happens. Jess is from Fargo, ND. It is nice to have American girlfriends here.

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